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I am thrilled to see you and your search for weight loss ends here. I am looking for busy people who are seriously looking for a body transformation. It is my passion to get people results without strict dieting, calorie counting or many hours in the gym. 

Our online programs can easily be followed by anyone anywhere. But here's the thing...

I could lose 15 kg of body fat because I decided to start. So go ahead, take your first step by applying, and I am with you to help you achieve your weight loss goal. I promise!

My Fitness Journey

I am a Wellness Coach

I am an Independent HERBALIFE Associate and an Entrepreneur!

Our Online Programs can easily be followed by anyone anywhere. I am a health and wellness Coach. 

I started my healthy journey 2 years back..!! I was overweight person, fluffy and was suffering from PCOD, PILES, Migraine, Ear Problem And very bad immune system low stamina. I was looking for Weight Loss And good health So wanted to improve my fitness. I have tried Everything Since 2013 to 2019 March (Rigorous Workout , Homeopathy, Allopathic and Different Type of Diet Plan)

After introduced to this amazing healthy active lifestyle concept With HERBALIFE Nutrition in April 2019 within a months I have got My Periods which was 3 month due and I started feeling healthy and fit.

In first 4 Month have Reduced My 15Kg .
Thereafter, I have decided to continue this journey for lifelong and I started helping others to improve their health and achieve their goals. Its my Mission to help more and more people for good health and wealth.

Join the Team, Join the movement!

Evolve With Ayesha Team is Expanding.
we are looking for young ambitious to Work From Home with the Social Media.
Training provided.

"At first they will ask WHY you're doing it. 
Later they'll ask HOW you did it."

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